"Gerlinde's approach to counseling is both caring and objective and is a refreshing change from many other types that are subjective. Resolutions to problems become more apparent and Gerlinde's counseling can help in when the "forest gets in the way of the trees." Definitely recommended." E.P.

"Before, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. During my session, I gained great insight into what was causing my confusion. This has been an excellent tool in clarifying my business goals." S.L-S.

"I cannot tell you how helpful the last session was! Much gratitude to you. Your intuition and insight is a true blessing! " K.C.

"Thank-you so much for your work on Saturday. I do feel a shift in self-esteem and appreciate that more than I can tell you. I gave a presentation on Wednesday evening that I can feel GOOD about! I could see the audience responding positively. That has not happened before. More ease....More joy.....Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"A.H.

"Gerlinde....thank you so much for the gift of your time and was enormously helpful to meet with you and it has given me a great deal to think about." K.T.

"Gerlinde is a facilitator with a tremendous, loving heart and her skills in facilitating are burgeoning into something very significant." R.A.




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