My Approach



It excites me to support people in expanding their skills and exploring their resources in terms of their needs, wishes and goals; furthermore, I am eager to develop strategies that accurately match and highlight their individuality.

Due to the versatility of my training and many years of coaching experience in Germany as well as in the US, I am able to respond to your unique and individual needs. Using a selection of my methods, we will choose a path that will best help you to reach your goals.

My Services

During a free initial consultation (up to 25 minutes) by phone, Skype or in person, you will have the opportunity to meet me and I will learn about you and your unique situation. You will learn about my services and then be able to make an informed decision about working with ReloLanding.

The Coaching Package
Eight individual 50-minute sessions; once a week for two months
.....Coaching includes practical guidance and advice as well as the design and application of strategies to handle the current situation with more ease.

The Way We Like It
Individual 50-minute sessions on an as-need basis
.....This service is ideal for people who do not need long-term support, but occasionally appreciate advice and qualified support.

In a Nutshell
One-time individual session lasting 90 minutes:
.....We use a slightly more generous time frame to discuss one concern until a solution is reached.

Everyday Navigation Assistance
On an “as-long-as-it-takes” basis
Support for personal tasks such as opening bank accounts, setting up doctor appointments, shopping assistance and other daily routines.


I point out that my services are of an educational nature and should not be viewed as a medical treatment.


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