About Me


Very early in my professional career, I discovered my passion for group dynamics and the human relations side of the business world.

In order to enhance my personal skills in my (at that time) profession as a dental-laboratory technician and supervisor,
while satisfying my thirst for knowledge, I decided to further my education by completing a five-year training to become a Gestalt therapist.

Since both my career as a dental lab technician and my work with people provided fulfillment and joy in my life, I pursued both professions in parallel for many years. In order to further my skills regarding group dynamics and conflict management, I continued my training by studying Systemic Constellation Work.

In 2003 I moved from Cologne to the US, where I established a practice for systemic counseling and coaching. During my nine-year stay in the Wisconsin, I worked with individual clients on a regular basis and facilitated seminars, trainings and workshops for Systemic Family Constellations.

Since late 2012 I again live and work in Cologne and have specialized in consulting and assistance of English and German-speaking expats.


My experiences and expertise include:

Professional training:



Gerlinde Gelina

Gerlinde Gelina